Two Eagles Lodge B&B from the air

A photographer with a remote-control, airplane-mounted camera took shots for us today. More are posted on the Facebook page for Two Eagles Lodge. Thanks, Thomas.

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  1. By Celia Matute, August 3, 2012 @ 4:23 pm

    HEAR YE, HEAR YE – lovers of NATURE, ADVENTURE , FUN and people who recognize EXCELLENT and OUTSTANDING service- THIS IS FOR YOU!
    Two years ago, we visited friends in NY and we sold our BEAUTIFUL BRITISH COLUMBIA. When they confirmed their visit, I made up my mind that I will make this trip for them a very memorable and unforgettable one. I bet you, now that they are already home they will be selling Two Eagles Lodge in New York.
    We found a gem of a place -Two Eagles Lodge in Union Bay, a 5 star B & B. Carolyn and Steve Touhey are just the perfect hosts to people all around the world. They showcase our islands so well, and believe it or not ,they came from Maryland and found our province as the BEST PLACE IN THE WORLD to live.
    They obviously love what they do – it just shows by the LOVE that they spread around. You will be more like FAMILY…wish they could adopt us all!
    We definitely will come back and recommend them to all our friends and people we meet looking for TWO EAGLES – you will find them in Union Bay and their names are CAROLYN and STEVE!! LUVYA GUYS!

  2. By Butch Matute, August 3, 2012 @ 4:24 pm

    I would like to add a review about Two Eagles Lodge , Union Bay and the owners Carolyn & Steve Touhey :

    What I enjoyed the most are the adventures that we experienced in the islands like Water Rafting, Float Plane ride with the Mail flight adventure , great lunch @ Dent Island Resort – yes, this is all part of the F….ING adventures that Carolyn recommended for us to check out.

    I did not learn how to swear when we went on this adventure…that is really the name they advertise it under ..believe me, I am not kidding! Such a great experience…you should not miss this!

    Sure enough, there are so many things to do in the islands which we all enjoyed and 3 days stay would not be enough to cover all that you want to do.

    Another experience is the Crabfest Carolyn prepared for us on our 37th wedding anniversary- Butch & Celia . My one and only wife Celia, prepared meat dishes to complement the crabs. I being a carnivorous male surprisingly actually enjoyed the crabs. I sure am now a convert- will eat Dungeness crabs now cooked Maryland style.

    We loved our stay with you Carolyn and Steve and enjoyed all the things we did together with you. Don’t know how you found the time to even cook the crabs and make me see what I have missed all these years.

    Butch Matute- Richmond BC

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