Comox Valley B&B Association appoints Touhey as VP

I’m pleased to say that the Comox Valley B&B Association has elected me, Carolyn Touhey, as their vice president.  I have been serving on the board for this group as the Marketing director for a couple years.   It’s an amazing group of business owners, all committed to making guests’ stays in the area great.

Now that I’ve owned a B&B for nearly 10 years, I truly think it is a shame so many Americans (and I am/was one) don’t think about the B&B option when traveling.  (It’s a very common choice for Europeans, by the way).

The comfort, plus the insider’s perspective, can’t be replicated in a hotel setting.

We will definitely stay at B&Bs when we travel an unfamiliar area.

I’m pleased to be on the exec for such a dedicated organization…with so many fun members.  Our meetings are great, and the camarardie among people who are technically competitors is amazing.   Thanks for the appointment!

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