Horne Lake on Global TV

Tune into Global TV’s weekend morning news and they will be featuring Horne Lake this weekend.  Wahoo!  What a beautiful spot to visit.  It’s magical, yet so close to our home.  We love that, too, but the lake just “takes you away…”   DSC_1091

Fall on the island

No matter where you go on Vancouver Island, fall is upon us. One of our favorite sites is low-lying clouds in the mountains–it looks so Pacific Northwesty. We also like that the eagles have returned from the rivers. Our two resident eagles are often seen flying over Two Eagles, perching in trees, and breaking off branches to fortress their nest for winter mating. And, of course, the sea lions are abundant. A trip to Fanny Bay dock, just 5 minutes from Two Eagles Lodge, you’ll be treated to about 50 barking, playing, and sleeping creatures. We can’t wait to put our kayak in and get down to their level. This is also the time we like to thank our guests who have stayed at our B&B/vacation rental and especially thank those who have taken the time to leave a review for us on TripAdvisor–earning us the distinction of being in the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame. Thank you! Enjoy fall where you are and be safe for Halloween. We’re taking grandkids to the local hall kid party and then to fireworks to cap off the night. Enjoy!