Good karma pays off!

Back in 2012, a family reserved all of our rooms so they could rendez-vous here to celebrate the patriarch’s 80th b-day. On the morning of their arrival, on a holiday weekend, I get a call that the father is in the hospital. I’m left sitting with empty rooms and had already turned away other guests.

I could have played hardball and demanded a payment for the lost revenue, but I didn’t. And, I’m so glad I went with my gut. I, too, had lived through ups and downs of health issues with aging parents and just prayed that what he told me was the truth and also that his father would re-gain his health.

While some people would make up an illness to get out of a reservation just because they changed their mind, this one did not. I trusted the son, who was clearly upset, and who said, the family will try to pick another date to come visit when their father was better.

Well, two years passed, and earlier this year, I got an email from the son who wanted to re-schedule. And, they did for this past May long weekend.

We had a great time, felt adopted by the entire clan, and truly enjoyed the visit of the son (with his wife and two lovely teenagers, yes…lovely teenagers), his sister, and the birthday boy himself, now 82. The family even gave him an “80th birthday” as they acknowledged turning back the clock to when we were going to celebrate here in 2012.

While my father always told me I was too trusting, I’m sure glad I am. Very few times, in more than 25 years of owning a business, have people taken advantage of my trusting nature when it hurt me or cost me money, but just assume bad karma will come back to bite them.

I’m so happy that this family not only chose Two Eagles Lodge for their celebration, but remembered their promise to come back to make up for the holiday weekend mishap. I’m even happier that their dad is healthy and enjoyed his visit. It was a privilege meeting him, hearing some of his stories, sharing a Maryland-style crab and oyster feast with the entire clan.

The gathering made for a memorable weekend for us all…and new friends all the way around. Thanks to the Martins!