We won!

Life has a way of getting in the way–good and bad.  But, despite the passage of too many weeks without updating the “we’re finalists” blog post, the great news is WE WON!

Two Eagles Lodge is now the 2011 Tourism/Hospitality Business of the  Year as recipient of the 2011 Vancouver Island Business Excellence Award.  Our beautiful award sits on our mantle right next to the 2010 Torch Award.  We are very proud of such recognition and thank our guests for their nominations for these awards.

It’s hard to believe, but 3/13 marked the five-year anniversary of our arrival in Canada.  When I think back to the days of living in the travel trailer with 12 acres of mud and the shell of a house under construction, I can’t believe how life has changed…and I can’t believe how fast five years has passed.   We filed for citizenship in November, so we’re just waiting for the call and then we’ll be Canucks for real.     Life is good!