Two Eagles Lodge loves hosting weddings

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Steve and I really enjoy hosting weddings and special events at Two Eagles Lodge.  Our 12 acre hobby farm and B&B are the perfect location for people who want an amazing view, space to have the ceremony by the water and the reception in the yard…space for kids and adults to play lawn games and spread out.

Our B&B rooms and family suite allow guests to stay here, and we have plenty of parking for others, plus camping.   We do not have the requirements of many hotels or venues…couples can hire a caterer, bring their own food, host a potluck or bbq…or some combination.

The photo opps are plenty–from horses and tall field grass to the water’s edge and beautiful evergreens.

Come check us out and spread the word about Two Eagles Lodge as a venue for anniversaries, company retreats and parties, weddings, bbqs, fundraisers, and celebrations of life.

We love to share what we’ve built, and what better way to help people make memories and new friends in paradise than to host their special event.

Comox Valley B&B Association appoints Touhey as VP

I’m pleased to say that the Comox Valley B&B Association has elected me, Carolyn Touhey, as their vice president.  I have been serving on the board for this group as the Marketing director for a couple years.   It’s an amazing group of business owners, all committed to making guests’ stays in the area great.

Now that I’ve owned a B&B for nearly 10 years, I truly think it is a shame so many Americans (and I am/was one) don’t think about the B&B option when traveling.  (It’s a very common choice for Europeans, by the way).

The comfort, plus the insider’s perspective, can’t be replicated in a hotel setting.

We will definitely stay at B&Bs when we travel an unfamiliar area.

I’m pleased to be on the exec for such a dedicated organization…with so many fun members.  Our meetings are great, and the camarardie among people who are technically competitors is amazing.   Thanks for the appointment!

Mount Washington Ski Resort Sells To Americans…Exciting News!

Our Vancouver Island ski mountain, just 30 minutes from Two Eagles Lodge and adjacent to Strathcona Park–amazing hikes and scenery–has just been sold to a US resort management company. Their expertise and vision promise exciting upgrades at our mountain, including plans for snow-making and more year-round attractions. This is great news for visitors to the island. And, for those who stay with us, we’ll gladly be ambassadors for the mountain. Awesome news. Check this out:

Horne Lake on Global TV

Tune into Global TV’s weekend morning news and they will be featuring Horne Lake this weekend.  Wahoo!  What a beautiful spot to visit.  It’s magical, yet so close to our home.  We love that, too, but the lake just “takes you away…”   DSC_1091

Fall on the island

No matter where you go on Vancouver Island, fall is upon us. One of our favorite sites is low-lying clouds in the mountains–it looks so Pacific Northwesty. We also like that the eagles have returned from the rivers. Our two resident eagles are often seen flying over Two Eagles, perching in trees, and breaking off branches to fortress their nest for winter mating. And, of course, the sea lions are abundant. A trip to Fanny Bay dock, just 5 minutes from Two Eagles Lodge, you’ll be treated to about 50 barking, playing, and sleeping creatures. We can’t wait to put our kayak in and get down to their level. This is also the time we like to thank our guests who have stayed at our B&B/vacation rental and especially thank those who have taken the time to leave a review for us on TripAdvisor–earning us the distinction of being in the TripAdvisor Hall of Fame. Thank you! Enjoy fall where you are and be safe for Halloween. We’re taking grandkids to the local hall kid party and then to fireworks to cap off the night. Enjoy!

Parrot Heads Unite

Two Eagles Lodge was the site of the first official “phlocking” of the new Vancouver Island Parrot Heads club. We had a blast at the kick-off last month, and we look forward to more events here and around the area. If you’re a fan of Jimmy Buffet, check out the club’s page on Facebook and join so you, too, can “Party With A Purpose.”

The Christmas Spirit & Greetings From Santa & Mrs. C

IMG_9225We’re excited to be offering Customized Video Greetings to “believers” young and old…and to benefit the Child Development Association. Check out this article in the local paper:

A beautiful Destination Wedding at Two Eagles Lodge

DSC_0551We love that our B&B is becoming a choice for brides and their families for destination weddings.  We have hosted four weddings this month, and two were “destination weddings.”   Our property allows guests to invite friends, who may even be staying at near-by hotels (since we can sleep only a select few couples/families), to fires or bbqs.    The caterers love working in our kitchen, and the flexibility of our acreage makes it easy to place a tent in various spots to capture the picture-perfect view.
Thanks to Annika and Mike (Winnipeg), to Theresa and Pat (Ontario), and to Adam & Trish (Vancouver) for sharing your special days with us and for the privilege of Two Eagles Lodge to be in your memories forever.   We loved meeting your family and friends, and sure hope you’ll come back when you just want a relaxing visit with friends.   CHEERS!


(See our Facebook page for photos)

A picture-perfect wedding!

Saturday was a beautiful day, and the privilege of hosting a wedding here made it even nicer. Thank you to Bobbi & Larry Carter for choosing Two Eagles for their ceremony. She looked like a princess! Check out our Facebook page for photos.

One of North America’s prettiest drives…right here!

The journey from Two Eagles to Westmin Mine or Gold River (2 hours) takes you on one of the prettiest drives we’ve ever been on. I call this my “decompression” drive, since the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. Check out our Facebook page for photos, including a stop at Myra Falls where the “swimming hole” was a welcome treat. You must take this drive when you visit Vancouver Island!