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One of North America’s prettiest drives…right here!

The journey from Two Eagles to Westmin Mine or Gold River (2 hours) takes you on one of the prettiest drives we’ve ever been on. I call this my “decompression” drive, since the scenery is absolutely breathtaking. Check out our Facebook page for photos, including a stop at Myra Falls where the “swimming hole” was […]

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Family Reunion–another fun event

Special thanks to the Hampton clan for choosing Two Eagles Lodge for their recent family reunion. We appreciate being “adopted” in to the clan, too! Thanks to Sharon and Sam for planning the whole event! We welcome special events here at Two Eagles, and look forward to the four weddings here in August.

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Sunrise…thanks to the baby eagle

I took an amazing photo on 6/30 at 4:30 am when the baby eagle in the nest (just across our property line) awakened me with his/her morning. Hope your morning is as pretty!!

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Planting a tree…a family moment

We wanted to plant a tree in honor of our two grandsons, so we saw this beautiful laburnum and thought it would be so appropriate for such a bright spot in our lives…Robbie (28 months) and Rylann (2 months). Robbie wanted to “help” Pop Pop plant the special tree at Two Eagles Lodge…

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Horne Lake is a beautiful excursion

For anyone who either wants a quick day-trip to a beautiful lake or you are interested in exploring the famous Horne Lake Caves, it’s just a 35-minute drive from Two Eagles Lodge.

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Music Fest just a month away…come join us

This annual music fest is just 20 minutes from Two Eagles. Incredible music in a low-key setting…all set against a backdrop of forest along a river. Family friendly for sure!   Here’s the link:

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Good karma pays off!

Back in 2012, a family reserved all of our rooms so they could rendez-vous here to celebrate the patriarch’s 80th b-day. On the morning of their arrival, on a holiday weekend, I get a call that the father is in the hospital. I’m left sitting with empty rooms and had already turned away other guests. […]

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We live on a post card…

Steve captured this photo on a sunny, mild winter day.  Come visit and this front-row seat could be yours for some relaxation and reflection.

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I’m still excited…

I just wrote an article about the Comox Valley for a Parksville lifestyle magazine. I’ve lived here nearly 8 years, and I still get excited talking about this place…as we do with B&B guests on a regular basis. What a great move for us, no doubt! I just wish friends, who haven’t been here yet […]

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Happy New Year!

  We hope you had a restful and enjoyable holiday and that 2014 will be spectacular for you.   Just today, I met with a rental company to help them measure for a tent to be used at an August wedding here at Two Eagles.   If you know someone getting married, or hosting another special event–anniversary, […]

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