Good karma pays off!

Back in 2012, a family reserved all of our rooms so they could rendez-vous here to celebrate the patriarch’s 80th b-day. On the morning of their arrival, on a holiday weekend, I get a call that the father is in the hospital. I’m left sitting with empty rooms and had already turned away other guests.

I could have played hardball and demanded a payment for the lost revenue, but I didn’t. And, I’m so glad I went with my gut. I, too, had lived through ups and downs of health issues with aging parents and just prayed that what he told me was the truth and also that his father would re-gain his health.

While some people would make up an illness to get out of a reservation just because they changed their mind, this one did not. I trusted the son, who was clearly upset, and who said, the family will try to pick another date to come visit when their father was better.

Well, two years passed, and earlier this year, I got an email from the son who wanted to re-schedule. And, they did for this past May long weekend.

We had a great time, felt adopted by the entire clan, and truly enjoyed the visit of the son (with his wife and two lovely teenagers, yes…lovely teenagers), his sister, and the birthday boy himself, now 82. The family even gave him an “80th birthday” as they acknowledged turning back the clock to when we were going to celebrate here in 2012.

While my father always told me I was too trusting, I’m sure glad I am. Very few times, in more than 25 years of owning a business, have people taken advantage of my trusting nature when it hurt me or cost me money, but just assume bad karma will come back to bite them.

I’m so happy that this family not only chose Two Eagles Lodge for their celebration, but remembered their promise to come back to make up for the holiday weekend mishap. I’m even happier that their dad is healthy and enjoyed his visit. It was a privilege meeting him, hearing some of his stories, sharing a Maryland-style crab and oyster feast with the entire clan.

The gathering made for a memorable weekend for us all…and new friends all the way around. Thanks to the Martins!

We live on a post card…

Steve captured this photo on a sunny, mild winter day.  Come visit and this front-row seat could be yours for some relaxation and reflection.


I’m still excited…

I just wrote an article about the Comox Valley for a Parksville lifestyle magazine. I’ve lived here nearly 8 years, and I still get excited talking about this place…as we do with B&B guests on a regular basis.
What a great move for us, no doubt! I just wish friends, who haven’t been here yet (including ones we haven’t met yet), would “get it”–we’re not overstating anything about this magical place we call “home” and are happy to share!

Happy New Year!

  Two Eagles Lodge B&B from the airWe hope you had a restful and enjoyable holiday and that 2014 will be spectacular for you.   Just today, I met with a rental company to help them measure for a tent to be used at an August wedding here at Two Eagles.   If you know someone getting married, or hosting another special event–anniversary, family reunion, birthday party, or even a celebration of life–please keep Two Eagles Lodge B&B in mind.   We are also hosting a house concert here with Lindsay May on Monday, 1/27.  See the Events page on our website for details or call me at 250-335-2342.   CHEERS!

Great Season–Thank you to our guests

We had another wonderful season at Two Eagles Lodge.  We wish to thank our guests for making our summer so colorful and fun…and thank you to those who have referred friends or family to us.   We appreciate the business and continue to take our commitment to top-notch service as seriously as the day we opened.  THANK YOU and enjoy the fall!

A beautiful Two Eagles Lodge sunset...

A beautiful Two Eagles Lodge sunset…

We live in paradise!

Just spent a couple days on the north end of our island where the low-hanging clouds sit mid-way down the mountains and give that true “Pacific Northwest” mood. The Rec sites for camping are amazing on this island.

Relaxing near Port Alice...

Relaxing near Port Alice…

We’re on TV!

Thanks to Shaw TV for such a nice interview, which is airing now on the community tv.  Here’s the link:

Thanks for watching!

Stopping to smell the roses…sort of

P1040921So often we’re all so busy, we don’t take time to just admire the sights we see routinely… This is the view from my kitchen window. Thanks to the spring rains, the green is like crayon-green…just amazing. The hummingbirds are buzzing about, and more flowers are getting ready to bloom. I just love it. Hope you take the time to cherish something so routine in your world! Life is short…stop now and look at something or someone that makes you smile!

An interview with Steve & Carolyn

Small Business of the Year Interview for finalist–Two Eagles Lodge

Thought you’d enjoy an up-close-and-personal interview that was featured at the Chamber of Commerce’s Awards Banquet where Two Eagles Lodge was honored as a finalist for the Small Business of The Year (2012).   While our friends at Ambassador Shuttle–a great company–took home award, being a finalist was an honor itself..

Winter Special!

With the snow flying at Mount Washington, just 30 minutes away, skiers and snowboarders (or those just wanting a pre-Christmas snow fix) will find Two Eagles Lodge to be the perfect home-away-from-home …and one without the inconvenience of snow since we’re in the Valley.

Enjoy our Winter Specials:  Stay two nights, and the third night is 50% off  OR

Stay two nights and enjoy a complimentary basket of local goodies.


Hope your holiday celebrations are joyous and you’ll soon be here to enjoy a relaxing waterfront stay at the award-winning Two Eagles Lodge!  Mention this blog for the winter specials!